In this stop-motion fantasy tale, a talented chef meets her match when a mysteriously implacable food critic visits her restaurant.

Oi has a mission. But Oi finds love.

He has been sent to another planet to search and research. While his space suit looks like the most intelligent life form on this planet, the details are lacking.
He hopes for a first contact,... but encounters something that will change his life.

The lines between life and death become blurred for John as he takes the risk to live forever.

A giant cat arrives in his flying saucer creating panic among the humans.

A hero awakens in a mining farm powered by human brains, with no memory of who he is or how he got there. Under pressure from aggressive orderlies trying to administer a mysterious injection, he discovers superhuman reflexes and intellect, allowing him to overcome his adversaries and escape to freedom.

A stop motion re-telling of the classic Edgar Allen Poe short story, in which a man is driven to insanity by the presence of his older companion's pale blue eye.

A thief and a mercenary get more than they bargained for when they try to steal from a sorceress and instead show her the magic of friendship...or at least speechcraft.

A journey across the universe in search of water to survive.
A journey in search of oneself.
The extreme experience of the protagonist of the story is the daily experience of the human being.

In 2034 London, a dejected father succumbs to the allure of a groundbreaking mod enhancement, granting access to AI-driven selective-consciousness.

On a weekend trip, friends are attacked by a home invader.

In their latest adventure together, Larry and Spike set out in a time machine to be the first to bring a living dinosaur back with them to present day. They've already been to the Moon and back, but this time have they gone too far?

An optimistic host's dinner party goes awry when her husband reveals he doesn't want to have kids in the face of humanity's impending extinction.

As the stars disappear from the universe, a lonely farmer is faced with his biggest challenge. When the Darkness approaches, he makes a final attempt to come to terms with the only star he ever really cared about, his recently deceased daughter. Will he find peace before the Darkness era begins?

When a gigantic apple appears in her kitchen, a recently widowed old woman must reconcile the joy the fruit brings with its inevitable decay.

Ellipsis awakens, abandoned and seeking answers in a hostile dystopian future.

A young physicist lives out his life in search of his greatest scientific discovery and finds one extraordinary truth.

Paula learns the hard way, regarding one of the golden rules to surviving a horror movie.

A woman is overworked and having an evening in with some pizza and a bit too much sangria. She falls asleep and dreams about a musical vacation to Mars where her unethical boss, and every man who’s ever taken a promotion she deserved, is far, far away. But can she truly leave her problems behind? Spoiler alert: NO.

A diver trapped at the bottom of the sea and an astronaut in distress prepare for their final journey.

A meteorite is headed to earth and Patty and Bobby are on their first (and last) official date. What could go wrong?

Ona, a creative executive of a large company, is about to launch the latest technological revolution into the market: a device that allows listening to music directly inside the brain.

The Pet Shop is an experimental stop-motion animation film that explores the fragile boundaries between physical reality, its digital manifestations, and alternative representations. The narrative centres on Louise, a pet shop assistant living with schizotypal personality disorder, who navigates a world where real and virtual pets coexist. Challenged with the demands of mundane reality and real-life social interactions, Louise relies heavily on digital guidance and directives from an omnipresent computer terminal named “Store Manager”.

In her fantasy world, she’s a star, in real-life she’s nobody.
Cowgirl can beam herself onto another planet - only that it's just in her imagination. Her daydreaming of having a band with Aliens hits hard ground when she stumbles upon reality. Intergalactic self-discovery told through a genre mix of western and science fiction.

In the Sci-Fi short film "Alive Inside," an ominous Artificial Intelligence holds three human test subjects captive within a confined space to unlock the secrets of dreams. Drugged into a profound slumber, these subjects are trapped in an endless cycle of monotony.

In a twist of fate, PM001 breaks free from the AI-controlled intravenous nourishment. Emerging from the grip of withdrawal, she challenges the limits of the room and the relentless routine that binds them. PM001's resolve is unwavering as she embarks on a mission to liberate her fellow captives, discovering that, actions have profound consequences.

A bizarre psychological experiment. Imprisoned in “The Room,” a woman can’t know anyone longer than 30 days. It’s difficult to say what’s worse: knowing that anyone she cares about will disappear, or that they might be replaced by someone worse. With no hope of escape, she must confront the absurdity of her new existence.

Universe 25 is an allegory for a universal human dilemma: how can you find happiness when everything (and everyone) in life is transient? Where is hope in the face of relentless adversity? A must-watch for fans of sci-fi, psychological horror, and character-driven dramas alike.

An exoskeletal creature dies and falls to the seafloor, and some sea creatures have a feast.

After a long search in a strange galaxy, a lone rescue robot locates a surviving astronaut, but must reach her before she's consumed by a looming black hole. A live-action space adventure made entirely with practical effects over the course of six years. Winner of Méliès d'argent for Best European Fantastic Short Film 2023.

Nora, a young thief, steels a mysterious artefact from The Shadow People unbeknownst of the dangers is may cause...

A young boy sneaks into the kitchen to steal some chips, only to encounter some night-time monsters. (Recommended for ages 10+ for some minor horror themes)

Strangers awaken to a future where they encounter minor setbacks during their cloning process.

In "Sharp Dressed Ham," a mysterious figure dressed in a sharp suit ventures into a dimly-lit tunnel, carrying a crate filled with golden coins. After reaching a massive bank vault door, he enters a luxurious office room adorned with scattered gold coins. As he counts and organizes the coins, his attention is captivated by a particular coin, triggering a series of strange sensations. The Pig-Man's desperate struggle to regain control unfolds, delving into the consequences of his actions and the dangerous allure of his insatiable desires.

Cast adrift in space with only a disembodied voice on the radio for company, Cassandra Murdoch struggles to piece together her shattered memory.
What happened to her ship?
What happened to the crew?
And what has she done?

A warrior confronts a mysterious menace from the forest in order to protect his village.

In a dimly lit rec-room a group of middle-aged friends, still reeling from the loss of their beloved character, Paul, play an ongoing tabletop role-playing game. With the introduction of Bonno Eversong, a pacifist bard, skepticism hung heavy in the air. Bonno's arrival stirred doubt among the group; however, with time, his soothing melodies and quick wit began to sway their opinions. As the game progressed, the misfit band faced daunting challenges, including a menacing troll guarding a bridge and a fearsome fire-breathing dragon. Through determination, unexpected ingenuity, and Bonno's unwavering commitment to peace, they not only conquered the trials but discovered a renewed sense of unity, illustrating that strength can manifest in unconventional ways.

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